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New SMSG Committee

On 16th July 2022 at the second AGM, the SMSG Committee doubled in size. On the committee are John McKay (Co-chair), Polly McKinnon (Co-chair), Phil Gore (Treasurer), William Philipson (Secretary), Marshall Smith, Janet Roddick, Graeme Revell, Christy Whelan, Lawrence Arps, Kahra Scott-James and Jake Slaney.

Seven of the members are new to the committee and each brings a valued perspective and loads of experience in their fields.

The committee faces significant challenges in a rapidly evolving screen environment, none more so than dealing with the upcoming government initiatives of the Screen Industry Workers Bill and the Reform of Vocational Education.  These two large pieces of work will be consuming for the foreseeable future and our committee is geared up to give these areas the necessary focus.


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