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Fee Card For Composers and Rates Card Sound-Post

These cards are guidelines for producers and directors and anyone creating production budgets to set reasonable rates that are in line with sector expectations. They are also for use by our members in negotiating project rates.

Although they are indicative, these cards are fully supported by the guild as reasonable minimum rates from which to negotiate.

SIWA Guides for Workers and Engagers

MBIE have put together guides and resources for SIWA that are both useful for workers and engagers
– A guide for workers (covering your rights under the act and the type of work covered)

Panel Discussions

Bringing Editors & Directors Together with Composers (2023)

This event series (hosted in Wellington, Christchurch, and Auckland) featured panel discussions between editors, directors, and composers – the ones held in Wellington and Auckland were recorded and are now available online. The speakers featured are – Wellington: Stephen Gallagher, Grayson Gilmour, Greg Jennings, Ben Powdrell, Miranda Harcourt, Stuart McKenzie, and Gretchen Peterson; Auckland: Marshall Smith, Ben Sinclair, Briar March, and Margot Francis

The Panthers

Interview with the sound team on the TVNZ series The Panthers – with guests Nick Buckton (Sound Designer), Jordan Smith (ADR Mixer/Dialogue Editor) and Brendon Morrow (Music Editor) talk about their experiences working with three composers and the large post-sound component. Thanks to Native Audio.

Set to Screen Workflow

A panel discussion with Jake Slaney, of Sounds Adventurous, Chris Sinclair, John McKay of POW Studios, editor Annie Collins and Isaac Spedding of Rebel Fleet on the importance of the communication flow in creating an effective, and repeatable, “Set to Screen Workflow”.

Conforming Software

John McKay of POW Studios, Mark Franken of Sounds in Sync in Australia and Justin Webster of The Cargo Cult all worked on LOTR and/or The Hobbit and each identified the need to streamline and reduce the time and resources required to match images with sound. The solution was Conforming Software and these products firmly set New Zealand on the sound production map.

SMSG ‘Conversations’ – Recorded Interviews

Profile – Sam Lucas

Composer Sam Lucas is currently working for Jeff Russo and his team on screen composing, mixing and the full range of activity associated with producing music for screen. Sam talks about his work and gives some great information on how to get work in the US.

Profile – Karl Steven

Award winning composer Karl Steven comes from a family with a history of film making and he has always known he wanted to make music – which he has done very very successfully. In his ‘youth’ he was a member of the band Supergroove though now he is more comfortable in a studio composing for screen.

Profile – Morgan Samuel

Considering the man earned $50 a day for working on podcasts, was a tractor driver, and ended up in a hugely satisfying job based in Te Awamutu (of all unlikely places), Sound Engineer Morgan Samuel has an unusual and entertaining story to tell and he tells it well. Listen to Morgan’s journey on how he finally got to his dream job.

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